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Academy Award-Nominated film for Best Supporting Actor

Book no.2

Directed by acclaimed theater director Lila Neugebauer, “Causeway” stars Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence and Tony and Emmy Award nominee Brian Tyree Henry.


Following a traumatic brain injury sustained while serving in Afghanistan, Lynsey returns to the US where she undergoes a slow and painful process of rehabilitation. As her condition steadily improves, the prospect of another difficult ordeal lies ahead – returning to her hometown in New Orleans. Back in a place she tried to forget, in a house with a mother she struggles to connect with, Lynsey feels desperately alone, until she meets James, a car mechanic also wrestling with the heavy burden of past traumas. An initial bond soon develops into a firm friendship, but while each offers the other companionship they so desperately need, they also have the capacity to cause harm.


With her remarkably assured debut feature, Lila Neugebauer has crafted a richly affecting and thoughtful portrait of grief, trauma, co-dependency and the difficulty of moving forward. Allowing viewers the space in which to think, this is drama devoid of dramatics, instead defined by its stillness and its silence.

- Michael Blyth for the London Film Festival.


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Book no.3


Christmas Eve in Vacherie, Louisiana, finds the banks of the Mississippi alive with fire. Walter is consumed with planning the perfect bonfire the one that will finally beat his brother's blaze and extinguish the lingering melancholy from his father's death. As Walter obsesses over wood, kindling, and structure, his family life teeters on the brink of collapse.

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